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Why College Tracker?

When I was applying to college most people kept their accomplishments in a cardboard box. They took their report cards, play programs, photographs, and other mementos, and placed them in a safe space to keep track of what they had done.


When it came time to fill out a college application or write a college essay, they had to sift through the box, and their memory, to piece together everything important they had accomplished since birth–and that was no easy task.


Today, even with the increase in access to technology, students don’t really have a great solution for keeping all of this information straight. I actually observed a conversation about this very problem in a Facebook group for parents of teenagers. One mom asked in the group if there was an app or program designed to help keep a student’s accomplishments organized. It seems that most parents keep their teenager’s accomplishments in the notes sections of their phone. Some other parents use an Excel spreadsheet.


My first thought: There has to be a better way. 


My second thought: Why don’t I create a better way?


I knew I had to share the idea with my long-time colleague, Elaina Carroll. Elaina and I have worked together in the Ed Tech and online education space for the majority of our careers. She immediately knew we had an interesting problem to solve… and that is how College Tracker was born.


College Tracker is beautifully simple. Imagine taking that cardboard box full of awards, activities, and extracurriculars and organizing everything on your phone. It’s designed to help you not only track your accomplishments, but also record meaningful thoughts about your activities throughout middle school and high school so that you are ready when it comes time to fill out college applications. While designed to match up with the requirements needed to fill out Common App (the most common application used by hundreds of U.S. colleges), College Tracker can help students complete any application and write a memorable college essay.


College Tracker goes beyond basic information and allows you to personalize and reflect on your activities with photos, videos, and notes about your experience in each activity. You are so much more than a single award or title. You are an individual with unique experiences and perspectives.


It’s your story. Track it!