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The Best Resources for International College Admissions

Hoping to attend college in the U.S.? With all the changes happening in admissions for colleges in the U.S., it’s no wonder you may be struggling to get started. We’ve compiled the best resources to help you navigate this process. Check them out below! 


1. Best YouTube Video or Channel

SuperTutorTV – This is a great in-depth video that can walk you through the entire college admissions process. 


The Princeton Review – This video by Rob Franek is a short video hitting on the top things that international students should know about applying to U.S. colleges. 


Katie Tracy – Katie is a real student and shares her 1st person perspective of what it’s like being an international student attending school in the U.S. She has lots of videos available too! 


2. Best Book

We’re big fans of The Princeton Review’s Best 386 Colleges 2021 because it includes more in-depth information from students who actually attend each college or university. It should give you a good feel for the culture and community of the school. 


3. Best 1:1 Advising

We love Collegewise’s approach of finding the best fit college for each student. As an international student, we think this is even more important as you’ll be away from your home and family. 


4. Best Source of Information

The International College Counselors website is full of great blogs and free advice for international students. Their information is updated on a regular basis and can serve as a good starting point if something changes in U.S. college admissions like ACT® or SAT® requirements. 


5. Best Social Account

We love Niche’s approach to feature real students and their stories at colleges across the U.S. It gives a great perspective about what life is really like at these schools. Students also often share their backgrounds as well as their majors.


We know there are a lot of international students interested in Ivy League schools. We like the Ivy League Guide’s TikTok account that shares tips and strategies to get into Ivy League schools.  


Want to brush up on your knowledge of college admissions terms? Check out our College Admissions Glossary of Terms to make sure you know all of the key words that are used in U.S. college admissions.