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10 Unique Colleges and Universities

There are a lot of lists out there when you are researching or looking at different colleges. You can find lists that rank the best value, most selective, or even the top party school. While our list isn’t necessarily comprehensive (there are a lot of unique schools!), we included a list of 10 schools that have something unique about them. We defined unique as something special that you can’t necessarily find at every school. Read on to see our list of “10 Unique Colleges and Universities.” 


1. Washington and Jefferson College

Don’t want to leave home without your best furry friend? Located just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Washington and Jefferson College, a small liberal arts college, has a dorm that allows you to bring family pets to live with you on campus. 


2. Juniata College

Sticking to our Pennsylvania theme a bit, this small liberal arts college just south of State College has an annual tradition called “Mountain Day”. Each year, classes are canceled for 1 day and students and faculty go to Lake Raystown for a day of festivities and lakeside fun. The best part though is that students don’t know when it’s going to be “Mountain Day” which leads to a lot of great campus rumors in the fall semester. 


3. North Carolina State University

Like to run after eating a bunch of doughnuts? We’re not sure if we’d make it very far in this race, but at North Carolina State University students participate in an annual Krispy Kreme (yum!) run every February where they run to the doughnut shop, eat a bunch of doughnuts, and then run back to campus. Proceeds benefit the North Carolina Children’s Hospital. 


4. University of Tampa

Want to attend class in a former 1800s posh victorian hotel? That would make studying and attending classes way more fancy. The University of Tampa was a former hotel built in 1891 by railroad and steamship magnate, Henry B. Plant. The year around sunshine isn’t too bad either!


5. UMass Amherst

If good food is important to your college lifestyle, you should put UMass Amherst on your list. It’s ranked #1 in the best campus food category by The Princeton Review for the past 5 years! They even host an annual “Taste of UMass” to celebrate their culinary prowess. 


6. University of North Carolina Wilmington

Ask your parents about Dawson’s Creek or Scream and then go experience the quaint beach town of Wilmington. The University of North Carolina Wilmington is part of the University of North Carolina university system and with its ideal location and size, we give it an A+ for laid back beachy vibes. 


7. Beloit College

Any Indiana Jones fan can get super excited that the “Real Indiana Jones”, Roy Champan Andrews, is rumored to have graduated from Beloit College. Today, the legend continues to live on through campus lore at the liberal arts college in Wisconsin. 


8. University of Michigan

While the University of Michigan has a lot of outstanding academic and social qualities for prospective students, we think that one of it’s more charming and nature friendly activities includes it’s official sanctioned Squirrel Club. This club is dedicated to feeding the squirrels on campus and has over 300 members! 


9. Ohio State University

Ok, so this one may be less fun and more on the spooky side, but if you are into other worldly experiences, you may want to check out Ohio State University. Wilson Hall has been featured on Scariest Places on Earth and students have reported hearing strange noises and more! 


10. MIT

Once again, we are sure that there are much more worthy merits to attending MIT, but if you ever wanted to brave the seven seas as a swashbuckling pirate, this may be a dream come true. You can get your official pirate’s license at MIT! Students who take and complete archery, fencing, and rifle classes can qualify for a pirate’s license.